Eagle Scouts

Please Join Us in Congratulating our New Eagle Scouts!
Timothy P. Clifford (Troop 48), Joshua Doo (Troop 903), Christopher Michael Geraty (Troop 60), Mark Hamilton (Troop 78), Brian Heffernan (Troop 388), David A. Johnson (Troop 156), Thomas J. Knudson (Troop 90), Patrick W. Looby II (Troop 48), Matthew Scott Molitor (Troop 60), Casey P. Murdock (Troop 9), Alexander Joseph Ruggles (Troop 46), Raymond W. Wittenberg (Troop 72), Alexander Eric Dulin (Crew 18)
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Jennings op Thursday August 06 2009 - 21:42:01
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lenar | Dec 20 : 04:30
Good! Added to bookmarks, will your proud visitor.
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